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Liver Function Test Overview

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A Quick Overview of Liver Function Test

Blood tests that are widely used for detecting and monitoring any potential damage in liver is often termed as Liver Function Tests. The tests are used to find out how much of particular enzymes and proteins are present in your blood. Some of these tests look at how well the liver is producing protein and eliminating bilirubin, a waste product present in the blood. A positive result on a liver function test does not automatically mean that you have liver disease.

Why is the Liver Function Test Done?

Those who want to know as to why Liver Function Test in Delhi or elsewhere should be done only at the authentic path labs should know that it is done to:

  • Monitor the progression of an illness, such as viral or alcoholic hepatitis, and evaluate how effectively a treatment is working
  • Measure the severity of a condition, particularly liver scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Monitor probable pharmaceutical side effects

Who Needs Liver Function Test(LFT)?

If you experience signs of liver illness, you may need to get your liver function tested. Jaundice, a disorder in which your skin and eyes turn yellow, is one of them. Vomiting and nausea are among others.

What Do the Test Results Mean?

A reference range is a collection of numbers that are frequently used to display lab results. "Normal values" is another term for a reference range. On your results, you can see something like this: "normal" is defined as "77-99 mg/dL." (milligrams per deciliter). The normal test results of a wide group of healthy persons are used to create reference ranges. The range serves as a visual representation of a typical normal result. However, not everyone fits the criteria. Healthy persons can have findings that are beyond the reference range, while people with health issues can have results that are within the normal range. If your findings aren't within the reference range, or if you're experiencing symptoms despite a normal result, you'll probably require extra testing.

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