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Wellness Health Package

Health Check Up & Health Package in Delhi NCR

  • Preventive health care is extremely crucial looking at the current scale of health problems.
  • Our Wellness profile packages are made specifically looking at the different preventive healthcare needs to divergent age groups.
  • Choose from the series of options available in the wellness health packages and book today for a healthier approach towards your life.
  • Basic health profiles for men and woman caters to all the individual health concerns of both the genders.
  • Basic men-health profile include expert medical consultations and specific test related to kidney, liver functioning, regular heart checkups, sugar level tests etc.
  • Basic health women profile provide a concentrated package of medical test related to women like PAP smear, breast examinations, cancer screening and qualified gynecological assistance.
  • Comprehensive packages offering preventive health check-ups for men and women offering additional tests for hypertension, bilirubin level checkup, lactate dehydrogenase test, total protein test etc.
  • "The age factor may never determine your health" keeping this in mind has been created Health packages for men and women at fifty years of age.
  • Health packages "Young at fifty for men and women" designed looking at the age factor and offer test like USG, SGOT, ALP, Albumin testing ,electrolytes test, diabetes screening, heart checkups and many more.
  • Health checkup for a confident lifestyle is mandate and such is designed confidence heath packages including specialized test as FSH, LH, and thyroid test for men and women.
Home Health Facility in Delhi NCR

Home Health Facility

DGchem Lab is the best lab in Delhi NCR. We provide free Home Sample collection services and made to realize the importance of investing in a healthy workforce.