Our Health Packages

Well-Ness Health Package

Comprehensive packages offering preventive health check-ups for men and women offering additional tests for hypertension, bilirubin level checkup, lactate dehydrogenase test, total protein test etc.

Platinum Health Package

Full Body health check-ups are very vital in early recognition of all types of sicknesses and risk factors. our Full Body Health checkups Programme consists of a set of comprehensive tests.

Diamond Health Package

Preventive Health Checkup targets to identify risk factors. Also addition to detecting diseases at very early stage. All across the world, research has proven that it is more economical to go for an annual.

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Why DGChem Labs?

p>At DGChem Labs, in the growing competition of pathology lab the quality of services and reporting were left behind. We at DGChem Labs focus more quality and service and therefore our people is determine to ensure samples is collected and transported to the Lab under controlled environment. Our Lab is an NABL accredited Lab and we ensure quality at every step involve in reporting patient samples thus we ensure quality in reports. We believe in having healthy and happy life to our clients.The labs are blessed with team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. They believe in providing best home collection services to our clients.

Our Lab is operational from morning till late evening and thus we cater to all testing of patients, doctors and healthcare professionals ,the aid of state-of-art technologies, our experts generate 100% accurate lab reports for all kinds of tests that patients undergo. We have many reliable doctors who are actively involved in delivery their best for the kind of services you are looking for.

Back in 2013, the organization is recognized among people for its impeccable services. As a trusted pathological labs in Delhi NCR, we have managed to gain a large clientele. This has made us as one of the best diagnostic and pathological labs in Delhi and NCR, New Delhi.

About Us

DGchem Laboratory was started in year 2013 with the aim to provide quality diagnostic services to the common people in India at pocket friendly price. At DGchem this has been our constant endeavor to give quality reports to our customer, to ensure this we take outmost care in every steps of testing patient samples from the point of collection to transportation, registration ,testing and delivering reports. DGchem has an art of finest equipments within built latest technology machines available in our lab which works on ZERO ERROR and thus focus more on pre-analytical parts so that testing is done on correct sample collected from our customers. To make sure, we trained our phlebotomist to motivate patients and support them to write their names on collection tubes, fill patient registration form in their own hand writing , so that whenever needed patient can visit our lab and identify their sample and get it tested in their presence.As we use primary tube(tube in which sample has been collected directly from the patient)for testing the samples. Probably this is the point which makes us best pathology lab in Delhi and NCR.

Our Services

DGChem lab is reference pathology lab and offers over wide range of pathological tests including Biochemistry,haematology,immunology,histo pathology and many more which is accessible to everyone and cover a wide range of tests. Modern tools used in our labs and collection facilities enable us to deliver reliable test findings in a timely manner that is relevant to clinical practice. Our laboratories provide hundreds of tests, from basic screening to sophisticated assays also in the fields of molecular pathology, cytogenetics,. Additionally, we offer a facility for sample home collection on demand. Some of our services include:

  • Biochemistry & Immunoassay:- With the use of fully automated, cutting-edge integrated analysers, several tests can be run on a single specimen without the need for aliquot in the biochemistry and immunoassay sections.
  • Microbiology:- At DGchem Labs, the Microbiology area includes completely automated analysers for regular microbiology, as well as an advanced TB (Mycobacteria) Lab and both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures.
  • Haematology, Coagulation & Flow Cytometry:- The sections for haematology, coagulation, and flow cytometry are outfitted with fully automated, top-of-the-line analyzers to perform all tests.
  • Clinical Pathology:- The clinical pathology section has completely automated analysers for testing urine, stool as well. In addition to computerised analysis, highly trained and competent employees also conduct manual tests in this section to guarantee the highest quality reporting of urine, stool, and any other body fluid samples.


Question 1: What is Pathology?

The branch of medical science that deals with the study and diagnosis of diseases is termed as pathology. The medical subspecialty of pathology, usually referred to as the study of diseases or specific diseases, is most frequently connected to the diagnosis and investigation of illnesses.

Question 2: Why Do You Need A Lab Test?

There are several reasons to do lab testing, including:
  • Check your general health assistance understand your symptoms
  • Determine medical conditions without symptoms
  • Track the treatment's effectiveness

Question 3: Who Will Perform Your Tests?

A pathologist or medical professional performs test where they focuses on the diagnosis and categorization of diseases using microscopic examination of tissue or cells and the interpretation of diagnostic laboratory tests.

Question 4: What You Need To Know Before Your Test?

You should get ready for any kind of lab test by: The guidance provided by your healthcare provider is
  • Notify them or a lab expert if you didn't adhere to the guidelines exactly. It's crucial to be sincere. Results might be significantly impacted by even the smallest deviation from the guidelines. For instance, several medications can alter blood sugar levels. Taking them too soon before a blood sugar test could have an impact on your outcomes.
  • Inform your healthcare provider of any medications, vitamins, or dietary supplements you take.

Question 5:For which test patients give the sample in fasting?

The blood tests that call for fasting are listed below:
  • Test for blood glucose. Our blood sugar levels are determined by this blood test. Fasting for eight to ten hours.
  • Glutamyl Transferase, gamma (GGT). The GGT enzyme and liver health are assessed during this test. Fasting for eight to ten hours.
  • Test for glucose tolerance. Blood sugar levels are assessed using this test. Fasting for eight to twelve hours.
  • Test for liver function. The liver's nutrients and enzymes are discovered by this test. Fasting for eight to twelve hours.
  • Test of renal function. This blood test evaluates kidney health and the body's capability to eliminate waste. Fasting for eight to twelve hours.
  • Test for vitamin B12. This examination measures the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency and determines whether a person has it. Fasting for eight to twelve hours.
  • Test for lactose tolerance. This test establishes a person's ability to tolerate and eat dairy products. Fasting for eight to twelve hours.
  • Most tests urge patients to fast for 8 to 10 hours, however some, including the following, call for 12 hours of fasting:
  • Lipid Profile: This blood test evaluates the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in our blood. 12 hours are spent fasting.
  • Test for thyroid function. The thyroid hormones that are highly influenced by our diet are measured by this test. 12 hours are spent fasting.

Question 6:What does DGChem labs do?

Our Test Package includes
  • CBC
  • ESR

Question 7:How to book a test online with DGChem Labs?

Online booking at DGchem is simple, quick and easy. At the website, you can see the form as “Book an Appointment”. You just need to fill in the details that includes your name, email, contact number, etc.

Question 8:Why is DG ChemLabs the best Pathology Lab than others?

  • Recognize and Take Charge of Your Own Health
  • Recognize Your Biomarkers (Blood Markers)
  • Access Comprehensive Blood Panels & Custom Wellness Packages
  • Numerous blood tests are available.
  • Convenience—at your convenience and on your terms
  • Monitor Your Development
  • Private, Secure, and Safe
  • Possess access to a large number of tests

Question 9:My doctor has prescribed me some tests. How to share prescription with DGChemLabs?

You can contact to us via email or phone number and we will assist you with the proper guidance for your hassle-free experience.

Question 10:How to check my test booking status?

You will get the confirmation on your email and contact number.

Question 11:How will I get reports?

With the booking reference ID, you can track the record.